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Pro-Active Training

One thing that we do not consider as we get older is pro-active training. When we are younger, we can make all kinds of mistakes, straining our joints in different ways, pulling our muscles thus making micro tears in the muscle spindels themselves. Having your training help you by promoting and encouraging muscle length and joint therapy is a good way to live a lifetime of health and wellness. Your Choi Kwang Do Training is the kenetic "Pi-Yo" type of training that makes you think about using your body in a bio-mechanical way so that you do not put undo stress on your joints. Using ALL of your joints and muscles in a block, punch or kick is a natural way of movement, especially when you use all of those muscle in normal range of motion and using that motion is a sequential way to develop power. Therefore, we stretch, increasing our range of motion, use that pre-stretched muscle in every technique so that we have healthy muscles, healthy joints, and of course through kenetic exercise, a healthy heart. This fluidity in our training not only prepares us to avoid or get out of a certain situations, but also helps us to live a healthy lifestyle so that we can have the longevity that we desire. If you need any proof, see Grandmaster Choi, our founder and Grandmaster who is going to be 74 years young this year! Pil Seung!

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