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One of the things that plagues our current society is commitment to something. Most people want a quick fix like if I am hungry, in two minutes, I can be eating a burger and fries. No one has to wait anymore, therefore, our lives has become victim to what can hold our attention for more than five minutes. This has really become apparent in health, fitness and martial arts industries. Progressive paced systems where you have to spend time learning a few lessons at a time before advancing, are going away with the wind. It is a shame because most things worth learning take time to become proficient. Patience and focus help to make the individual become stronger and be able to achieve greatness. I think about all the activities that I did as a kid and the ones that I made a commitment to, I now cherish. If I had quit at any point in time, I would not have received my Varsity Letter in Tennis and Track, my Eagle Scout, and my 5th Degree Master in Choi Kwang Do.

I had chances to quit a couple times, mostly for stupid reasons, but I did not because I saw the long term goal. I wish more people could have those traditional values and when they say that they are going to do something, that they put their mind to it. I say, "why not! what do you have to lose?" "You might actually be good at something?" Maybe also you will gain knowledge and a skill that will change you and last the rest of your life!


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