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The "Turn and Burn" Concept

I see a lot of people these days subscribe to the concept that if they "Turn and Burn" that they will somehow benefit from the exercise more. The movements need to effective and efficient in order to gain the most benefit from the exercise, especially in martial arts. The problem is that they sacrifice form when they do this, they do not use the bigger muscle groups and compound exercises and therefore do not get as much out of it. They also are missing the weightlifting or body-weight lifting part of their training, therefore, not getting any "afterburn" effects after their workout is done. The body weight exercises used in martial art class help to burn calories for hours after exercise, rather than just during exercise.

I have seen so many workouts that are sloppy, where the person is flopping around, and thus also subjecting themselves to injury. For example, I saw a person doing an improper round punch leading with the shoulder and dropping their hand all the way to their waist during the motion which could cause a pull or strained front shoulder. In Choi Kwang Do Martial Art Classes, movements are critiqued in order to use all joints and compound muscle groups in sequential order in order to increase effective power but also increase health and fitness as well. You need to therefore, increase focus on proper form first by coming to class and have the discipline to see it through to the faster speeds. Then combine it with strength exercises for better results.

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